While the dynamics of forced displacement of migrants and refugees leaving Venezuela are at a stage that demands urgent responses, it is wrong to consider that the phenomena of migration and refugee flows are short-term situations that require only short-term solutions. To the contrary, displacement has lasting effects, both in the lives of the migrants and refugees and in the sending and receiving communities. Therefore, it is necessary that the actions and responses to the crisis of migrants and refugees be addressed integrally, in the short, medium, and long term.

Durable and sustainable solutions are developed once the crisis and contingency pass; they address the medium- and long-term issues and their purpose is to end the cycles of displacement, guaranteeing that migrants and refugees can go on with their lives safely. Three ways of achieving this have been identified: local integration; solidarity resettlement nationally or to third countries; and dignified, safe and voluntary repatriation.
While we identified specific actions for each durable solution, from the perspective of civil society we consider it necessary to implement a long-term strategic plan for implementing the three durable and sustainable solutions that are detailed here and which involve all the actors, i.e. the receiving States, civil society, international allies and organizations, and the country of origin.  READ MORE